Feb 16, 2006

Rebuilder of Broken-down Walls

Jesus help me move ahead.
Help me to not feel powerless,
a victim of my life
Unable to move.
Stuck in stasis,
I do nothing.
Hiding from myself,
Hiding from God,
I become passive.
I shrink back.
I shirk responsibility.
I run away, play hide and seek with myself;
courage has left me.
Insipid timidity prevails,
where courage once triumphed.

Break the shackles,
free me from captivity
Throw out the lies,
don’t listen to the liar.
Embrace the truth,
That sets me free.
If the Son sets me free,
I will be free indeed.
Throw off the yoke of slavery,
Put on the yoke of freedom,
A yoke that’s light and easy.
Let Freedom ring
For Jesus came To set the captives free.
Set me free
Set me free.
Rebuild my broken down walls,
Rebuild my brokenness
Into your Oak of Righteousness
Replant me
Make me a display of your splendor.

Originally written January 19, 2006