Aug 17, 2005

Blogging, Why Bother?

Why do I blog....I don't have much to say and not many are really reading what I do say....Why bother? I'm not really sure that blogging is useful to me? What I really desire blogging can't provide. I desire deep, in person relationships and blogging generally does not foster that for me. I think part of it is that I desire contact with others even in the form of online interactions....but also it can be addictive to read the blogs....and I think we all desire to connect with other people and online is just one method.

What makes one a blogger? Do you need to blog 1 or more times a day? Do I need to have the TTLB Ecosystem Animal posted on my blog to be considered a true blogger? I guess according them I am a Crawly Amphibian . To be a real blogger do I need a Technorati button and a Blogdom of God button? Do I need to give everyone a survey of what's going on around the blogosphere to be a real blogger? I guess I am feeling somewhat cynical about it all and feel the time I put into reading blogs is having diminishing returns and the act of blogging doesn't really bring about true community. People may argue with me on the last point, and I'm sure it is a sort of community, but I think it is more of a pseudo-community. It looks real, and at times feels real, but as of yet no one has hugged me through my computer screen. I know some people have a Skype button and I could call them with it, but I'm not going to call a stranger. Another thing I have been wondering is about is annonymous blogging, why do I do it and what do others think about it?

But the most important question I have to ask:
What if I spend more time reading blogs about what others say about Jesus than I actually do in spending time studying what the Bible says about Jesus?

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