Feb 29, 2008

From Brokenness to Splendor

You think all is behind you,
Painful past, wounds suffered ages ago.
But the pain bubbles up from beneath,
Oozing into the present from cracks
That lead down to caverns of pain.

40 years old and the pain brings me back,
back to a childhood of brokenness.
The pain affects the type of parent I am,
The kind of man I am.
The anvil of pain pounded me and shaped me.
It keeps coming back
To me again and again.
When I least expect it,
It resurfaces.

Jesus heal me with your healing balm.
Bandage up my brokenness, fill up
The caverns of pain, bind up my wounds,
Free me from the captivity pain has bound me in,
Release me from the darkness in the caverns.
Bring me into your light,
Restore the ruins within me,
Rebuild the cities where my pain lives.
Bind up my broken heart.

Grow me into your oak of righteousness,
A display of your splendor.
Robe me in your garments of salvation,
With your jewels upon my head.

Ideas from Isaiah 61

Written January 24, 2008

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