Apr 20, 2005

Some Relief from Deppression.....Poetry

I am starting to come out of the fog of depression and part of what has helped has been writing poems. God really uses poetry that I write to lift me up lighten my heavy heart. Sometimes it is easy to forget that. This week I have written a bunch of poems and my spirit has really been lifted a lot. I will post some of what I have written.

Familiar Voices

Spinning and twisting
I try to find my way.
I see smog, the haze
I stumble in the maze.
Clipped and clipping,
My feet are slipping
Close to the ledge.

Throw me a rope,
Write me a line,
Friendship binds us together,
And helps us cope.
When life squeezes us,
A familiar voice frees us,
And cheers the heart.

Down the path
Life’s journey throws
Us troubles that
Make us fall.
After tumbling
When you’re crumbling
It’s good to have someone
Dust you off
And pick you up.

The voice of a friend,
Soothes my soul.

April 19, 2005

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