Apr 16, 2010

NaPoWriMo #15: Flying Past Saturn

Flying Past Saturn
The planet Saturn had me in
awe when I was in 6th grade.
I clipped newspaper articles
from the Providence Journal
when I lived with my grandparents,
and still went by Jamie, instead do James.
I couldn’t get enough,
day after day, in the paper,
in National Geographic Magazine,
that my Nana shared with me.
Wondrous pictures taken by Voyager I
Big dreams, vast dreams I had.
My big Christmas presents that year,
the Micronauts, little translucent spacemen
that went through tubes;
I played with them for hours.
When did I stop dreaming about space?
When did I stop clipping articles?
Maybe the mess of nuclear family explosions,
blew up my love of outer space,
Saturn then Jupiter
The wonder went
up in a mushroom cloud.
Those dreams floated
out into to space,
on the back of the Voyager.

A bit of wonder,
pieces of dreams
crept back upon me,
when my two boys,
asked for a telescope,
after watching Nova:
Hunting the Edge of Space.
Magnificent pictures captured
all of our imaginations.


“Jamie” may catch a spaceship
flying to his dreams again

April 15, 2010


Stiletto said...

Impressive! Very visual!

Andy Sewina said...

I like the way this comes back round, and how the dream is perhaps rekindled. Also you have given this piece a wonderful title!

Nicely done!

evelyn.n.alfred said...

One of my students is doing a term paper on Saturn. I wonder if she shares the same awe.

flaubert said...

Very visual poem. Good job!

jimmmaaa said...

Thanks for the comments on my poem, Stiletto, Andy, Evelyn and Flaubert

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