Apr 21, 2010

NaPoWriMo # 21: My Sister's News

My Sister’s News

I know I should have been happy for you,
but I was so sad for me.
Colorado seems so far away.
I know it’s just a phone call,
just an email,
I know we live 100 miles apart now,
but Colorado seems so far away,
you’ll seem so far away.
It’s been a while
since we live so far apart.
We used to live 1000s and 1000s miles away,
you in California,
me in Massachusetts,
Then me in Florida,
you in California,
but it’s been so long.
I know I should be happy for you,
Colorado seems so far away.
but I’m so sad for me,

April 21, 2010


Anonymous said...

this post lyrics gone away me in my childhood when i read in 3 class and singing the poems in little words. TestKing

Anonymous said...


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