Apr 13, 2008

NaPoWriMo # 13

Perfect Day

On a planet far away,
a talking dog has a perfect day.
Rex got up, as usual,
read the paper.
He drank his Sumatra Coffee,
while riding the bullet tube to work.
His boss sauntered in after him,
never asking about the report,
three weeks overdue.

Work day done,
tube ride back to his section of town,
met Lulu at the dog park.
Ooh there were some good smells today.
Another quick tube ride across town with Lulu.
Met the guys at the Dogotorium.
Puffed a few excellent Martian cigars,
and had an excellent dinner.
They make the best bone filet there.

Later, when Lulu and he were alone,
drinking coffee with dessert at Barkbucks,
Rex was fearless
he popped the question.
Lulu said yes.
She would be his bride.

April 13, 2008

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