Apr 12, 2009

NaPoWriMo # 12

Departures and Arrivals

How do you choose your destination,
where will you arrive?
Looking up at the monitors for Departures & Arrivals,
can be somewhat confusing.
Life seems to be constant series of Departures and arrivals.

You depart the womb as you arrive in birth, new to the world.
You depart the comfort of family, and arrive at school.
You Depart High School and arrive at college or a job,
everything and everyone is new.
You depart from your family, and arrive in marriage.
You depart your old city, and arrive at new city.
Every choice to arrive to something new, involves
both a departure, or loss, of something familiar, and gaining of something new.

The Arrival and Departure monitors in life’s airport,
show nothing more that city you’re leaving or getting to.
What’s it like there?
Who will I meet?
Will I like them, and will they like me?
Who will I miss, who will I never see again?
Something completely new and amazing is bound to happen,
happenings that can be good, and bad, unexpected
sometimes simultaneously.

I have my boarding pass, a map, and not much else.
Another flight is about to take off.

April 12, 2009


DivinePoetess said...

I really enjoyed this poem. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I like it, too. ;)

Wayne Pitchko said...

very nice....reminds me of our next departure to Havana

Pam said...

Don't lose the boarding pass or your ID-- might get stuck in airport limbo.